Borehole Drilling Services in Pongola KZN: Affordable Prices
Borehole Drilling Services, Pumps Installation, and Repairs in Pongola : Commercial and Residential Boreholes – Good Prices (Lower Costs): Get the most professional water drilling services at your area in Pongola Kwazulu Natal (KZN) from borehole companies with over 30 years of experience in the water borehole drilling, tanks, and water pumps installation solutions. We have a network of professional borehole drilling companies all over KZN areas. Our water drilling services is focused on the drilling of water boreholes for the residential, commercial & agricultural sectors within Pongola KZN. Our network of trusted water drilling companies in KZN (approved by Borehole Water Association) offers a complete water solution that includes:
  • Borehole Siting: this activity entails the scientific search for and location of a drilling target that is assessed to have the greatest chance for success. KZN Drilling Professionals are capable of successfully integrating the earth sciences of geophysics, geology, and hydrogeology.
  • Borehole Drilling: involves the drilling of a water supply borehole and its proper construction and development. It is accomplished by our experienced drilling professional.
  • Borehole Testing: a process that provides data for an evaluation of the yield potential of the borehole and the groundwater resource from which it draws its water.
  • Water Pump Installations: in order to pull the ware from the borehole to the tank (advisable).
  • Booster Pump Systems Installations: which boost the speed of the water from the tank to the house.
  • Water Tank Installations: this involves setting up and installing the water tank stand suitable to carry any required tank size.
  • Water Filtration Systems installation.

Borehole Drilling Costs and Prices in Pongola KZN

The cost and pricing for borehole drilling depend on the following:
  • How deep the water is in the ground (prices are based on metres)
  • What services do you require (from water testing to tank and pumps installations), and
  • How far is the drilling location.
Clients can expect to pay from R30 000 – R100 000. The amount can be more or less depending on the client’s requirements and how deep the water is.

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